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Welcome to the ring...


Is a 4 week class designed to help individuals or couples learn to navigate their most difficult moments.

Since relationships always include conflict, wouldn't you like to be better at maneuvering? More adept at getting your point across? Able to stop a misunderstanding from escalating into an all-out brawl?


All people fight, but few do it well. 


Because we don't understand what's really going on inside of ourselves. 

Here's what you can expect to learn...

Group Details

Week 1 - The science stuff

  • Whats actually happening in our brains when we fight?

  • The science behind "threat detection"

  • Why we yell/name call

  • How to "control" your emotions so they don't control you

Week 2- The cycle

  • Attack/defend. Why this happens

  • Why all of your fights are actually about the same thing

  • What you actually want

  • Letting go of "being right" (because you're both wrong)

Week 3 - Communication

  • Identifying what we need

  • Expressing your needs so they can be heard


  • What you say/What I hear

  • Taking responsibility for your own feelings

Week 4 - Apologies (the crowd favorite)

  • Apologize genuinely

  • How to accept an apology

  • Validating and reflecting

  • Showing mutual respect and appreciation


Contact me for exact dates and times.


Space is limited, reserve your spot today!





To check availability, or for any questions, please contact me at:


(410) 924-2514

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